Rental Property Summary – Ideal for Property Investors Tax and BAS Returns

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Having trouble getting together information on your investment property for your tax or bas return. Here are some templates to help.

Rental property income and expenses spreadsheet xlsx version

Rental property income and expenses spreadsheet xls version

Rental property income and expenses pdf version

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an example of our work....

Maria and her husband from Dernancourt came to us when they were tired and frustrated with keeping records for their numerous rental properties.

They put all their documents on the kitchen table and let us start showing them how to maintain them better and take care of their temporary mess.

It turned out their previous tax returns had been late lodged and we explained what they meant in simple terms as the communication was lost as to what was going on in their returns including late payment penalties and interest prior to us being her accountants.We told them the full state of play and arranged the debts to be repaid as affordable repayment arrangements. Everything is now repaid and all lodgements are back up to date. They can now track their entities using online services too.

We also reorganised them on an accounting software which kept good and separate records of each of their properties so that tax return was easily prepared to accomodate their rental schedules and even saved them accounting fees.

Maria is very happy with the additional and timely information she now has on her properties and net position.  They also use us to proactively plan and consider new acquisitions and disposals, as well as they are now more actively involved in tax planning and understanding all aspects of their timely prepared tax returns.

Maria has even interrupted complete strangers in a coffee shop when she over heard them say do you know a good accountant - to tell them about Romeo Caporaso from Tax Accounting Adelaide. The new referral had their rental properties information on their kitchen table too when I arrived to meet them.

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