7 Ways to refer to us

7 ways to refer to us

We are looking for genuine referral partners

Can you help? Well I am giving you a video explaining 7 ways to refer to me.

We love to work with the following situations…

1 -New business Starts and advice

  • If you meet a new business owner give them this Tip – It is vital to get your business off to the right start
  • Set up good scoreboard to track you in the critical early stages
  • Learn the basics of bookkeeping and banking
  • Know what taxes to keep aside

2 Business Who wants to ….
Use accounting to grow your Business

  • A business running blind not knowing it’s profit or loss needs to be referred to me… To transform them into a better business.
  • Tip – good businesses keep accounting easy and up to date
  • Know the score in your business – like when you watch sport you know the score, same in your business. Don’t fly blind not tracking your business results
  • With better info you can focus on more value adding things to improve your business further or save you time and be more effective. Get more value in your advisers relationships with the additional info.
  • A good accountant can fast track your business to more profit.
  • TIP…
  • use simple and fast software to save you time so that you can spend more time growing your business.

3 Rental property owners

  • If you are a rental property owner – you want to claim everything you can right?
  • You want to Structure your entities ideally to minimise tax and create wealth
  • Have someone Encourage you to reach your property dreams and be guided into property
  • Learn how to Exploit negative gearing and do what other successful property owners do.

4 Self managed super fund

refer when…

  • Not sure if SMSF can be your friend
  • Tired of paying too much to run your SMSF
  • Why is smsf so good in the right situation
  • How to exploit super
  • Refer you to get in or out of smsf
  • Tip — it is a Great place to accumulate wealth as it has a low tax

5 Someone thinking, saying… I’m Tired of paying too much tax…

refer if you hear someone saying

  • I have no deductions at my job…
  • The tax I paid is so unfair…
  • Why does every body get more refunds than me
  • Tip
  • Tell them to …Find out what an accountant thinks your ideal tax minimisation should be…

6 Refer someone who is
behind on tax returns or way overdue…

  • Some people haven’t done them for many years
  • Stop worry and anxiety
  • We can help you find the info
  • Sometimes there is lots of refunds
  • Tell people we are – Experts at minimising the interest charges and fines, even had tax debts removed
  • Help people feel ok again by lifting this burden from them

7 the difference of our Personal tax returns

  • If someone has a tax return that has been the same for years… refer them to us
  • Not just tax return approach, we are your financial check up doctor.
  • Claim all your deductions young or old people. First or last tax returns we make sure you understand it too.
  • Encourage you to create wealth
  • Teach you how to claim more for your work occupation
  • Educate you to …Exploit super, create wealth, reduce tax
  • Experience, check your previous returns, reliable and good value.

Finally , To refer us – ask…Need A good Accountant to give your business the edge it needs?

Looking for a business accountant providing better value, you can profit from their experience, makes accounting easy and uses the accounting to grow your business.

It wont hurt to talk to us to see if you can get better value and solutions

Our no obligation quote and solutions meeting is guaranteed to give you some great ideas for your business. Meet Tax Accounting Adelaide.

Our services are

Summary of services

Accounting Bookeeping and Bas returns

Tax returns Individual and Business

Self Managed Super funds

Entity formation and advice

New business start advice

New business consideration/review

ASIC company administration

Software selection and implementation

Finance letters and accounting letters

Tax minimisation strategies

Tax Planning and Advice

Business Coaching and Business improvement

Financial planning



Small business marketing


Business Reporting and benchmarking

Employment consulting, staff training, recruitment advice, payroll tax, superannuation payments, salesforce consulting, communication training

Debtor management for cloud accounting clients and building and construction industry

Cost reviews, Pricing reviews and Management consulting

IT liason procurement







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