How to get more sales from your website

Do you have a website that really sells? If not here are some tips to make your website work better.

  • Have your website traffic analysed, as to where visitors are tracking to. See where most interest is going and where they are abandoning. Are they clicking on less important links, if so consider removing those links especially if insignificant or to referrers. A great website has less distractions for a visitor and channels them into primary focuses like an online sale or book in.
  • Have good photography. This can make a huge difference. Having the same day in all your photos, looks consistent and works well for the branding. If you have no photos, get some. People want to see who they are dealing with. Make them real and it makes your website personalised and you.
  • Good copy. Copy is the writing on the website that helps sell. Good copy can talk about pain points your solve and the solutions you can give. It should be in the words of your web visitors, not your business technical jargon.
  • Build a blog. You can cover many topics that build you credibility and search engine ranking. It is a way of search engine ranking longer keywords which in turn build your shorter keyword ranking.
  • Have a giveaway, sample or free report such as on a very common question your web visitors have.
  • Use automated email series. People may be interested in your business, but not want to read all your website now. Sending follow up emails builds trust and can win over a client in the contemplation phase of purchasing.
  • Get reviews, recommendations. Telling others that you have proof of happy customers helps you selling. Online reputation is becoming increasingly important to people. We are all to avoid bad purchasing experiences and so pit web business under greater scrutiny for bad reviews.
  • Use google plus pages. It is free and one of the easiest ways to rank your business on the google search engine.
  • Use social media, I am sure you use many. Use these to drive traffic to your website. These can be very targeted to your target audiences too.
  • Great content. This can win over clients. An organised and easy to use website, is an indicator of the businesses overall capability. Impress the initial impression early with good content.
  • Don’t use too much of template approach in your web. Websites have been around long enough for online visitors to know that an old, tired, static web site with general information. Such a website will get them to check/click on the next line on their search engine.
  • Be mobile friendly. With so many of us using phones more than desktops, your website must be small device friendly.
  • Have good page speed. Who loves a website that is super slow? No one. Test your web speed and have some work on it done if it is slow. Better still have a web profession audit your website and it’s speed.
  • Domain power and age. An older domain is considered more favorable to search engines. Also your domain name can get extra visitors if it contains good keywords in it such as
  • Lastly, have good navigation so to be a good customer experience. Google is now favoring ranking to a good experience website including you guessed it positive google reviews.

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