Tax Preparation Made Easy for Fitness Professionals

Book-work Made Easy for Fitness Professionals

Tax Agent Specialising in Personal Trainers

Find out what options you have to improve the money side of your personal training business with us.

Make tax record keeping as easy as can be and be guide to all you can claim in personal training.

Have an accountant who was once a personal trainer too, understanding your business and can rapidly help your business improve.

Romeo is now a tax agent and was a registered Fitness professional working at Fitness First Adelaide City around 2008 to 2010. Although back in the accounting profession now, he loved his time in personal training. He gained lifelong core values in health and fitness. He also learned fantastic and dynamic small business marketing that has been the key to his successful accounting practice today. He was fortunate to work along side some awesome trainers, unfortunately most of them younger them him but they call that character building.

We are here to help -Weather…

  • You hate doing your tax and find it hard to collate your records
  • Want to understand tax better and maximising your personal training deductions
  • Not sure how much tax to put aside for your tax bill?
  • Have no idea how to increase your sales or sessions?
  • Manage your money and business better
  • Know more about how your business is tracking, rather than just knowing how many session you do per week.
  • Just want to do your tax quickly and easily, minimising your taxes.
  • Get expert small business improvement guidance so you can grow your income and wealth
  • Need help with your financial goals like paying off a credit card or buying a house/car.
  • Guide you through business problems like clients owing you money or what works best in your marketing.

See us to see what your options may be.

Romeo is passionate about helping fitness professionals better manage their tax and bookkeeping in the easiest way possible. At Tax Accounting Adelaide we feel many Personal Trainers do not know much about their financial performance or profit, instead over-focussing on how many sessions they do. Instead it is good to know how your profit is tracking this year or even how much tax to be provisioning for your end of year tax bill. You would not watch a game of sport and not know the score right? Your business is too valuable to not have this information easily at hand.


Free our gift to you …. A quick guide and summary of what we need to do your tax easily and minimise your taxes.

tax return details and summary sheet for preparation made easy tax for personal trainers by Romeo Caporaso  spreadsheet complete and return to us.

Rather than being accountants that just do your tax return, we have made a simple framework solution making it economical to change the way you do your business and make it easy to be informed about your financial performance and business improvement.

Find out from the experts in Personal training business, the easy way to do tax, understanding tax better, claim everything you legally can and expert low cost business improvement advice .

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