11 ways of getting new Leads

Quick tips on getting new leads

Our business owners meet up recently discussed quick ways of getting new leads. Their ideas included:

  1. A well worded cold call e-mail which makes it obvious that you are a local
  2. train your staff well on what is a good lead and what to say to help convert the lead into your desired action such as meeting
  3. get to know people at clubs, schools or events. Focus on the connection rather than the selling.
  4. Take some strategic action. Activity brings sales activity.
  5. Activate old leads. Look at Leeds that didn’t follow through and try one more time. Also try to welcome back old clients who haven’t returned for some time.
  6. Introduce small changes over time to limit failures and deepen the measurement of each of the actions.
  7. Get more signage. Big or small it can be an excellent return on your investment.
  8. Exploit the weaknesses of a competitor, by promoting your difference as a strength.
  9. Treat others as you wish to be treated. Give a service or product like you are doing it for yourself.
  10. Get a website that is simple and converts. It doesn’t need to cost thousands. Make it work for you 24 hours a day.
  11. Show your face. People want to see a real person rather than just ads and graphics.

Good luck on getting new leads.

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