What to Bring for Your Individual Tax Return

So what do you need to bring for your tax return appointment?

1. A copy of your last tax return if you haven’t done a tax return with us before. We mean the last full tax return copy done by you or your previous accountant, rather than just a notice of assessment. This may be useful we can review it and see if there is any important data to carry forward such as depreciation or losses.
2. Your tax file number. If we haven’t done your tax return before we need this and your date of birth to access your ato files. Sometimes tax return copies blank the tax file number for privacy, so if it is not on your tax return copy, please also supply this.
3. Please confirm income details with us, last pay slips of the financial year are useful to verify. Especially if you are doing tax return in early July.
4. A hospital cover tax statement. Especially if you are doing tax return in early July.
5. Bank interest and dividend amounts. Please verify these income details with us, Ato provides this information but should be verified by you with us.
6. Your bank details for your refund, we also like your current address, email address and phone number.
7. Your spouse’s name, date of birth and income details.
8. Any expenses related to your work and work-related travel details. Including if you work from home, work from home hours for the financial year, power for the tax year, internet bill for the year and apportionment to work percentage and phone bill for the year and apportionment to work percentage.  If you use a car for work or business, please bring in your log book percentage and car running costs or kms for work. Any other deductions amounts you know of such as donations, union, uniform/protective clothing costs, stationary, tools, equipment, home office equipment, police clearances, courses , software costs, electronic devices related to work, meal allowances paid, professional registrations.
9. Rental property details income and expenses. If you have a property agent, bring in your rental property annual agent report, any depreciation reports and if you purchased a new rental property the settlement statement when you purchased it. Please provide interest paid on any rental property loan too.
10. Capital gains acquisition and disposal details.  Including settlement statements of purchase and sales. Details of any period you lived in the property, costs incurred while you lived int he property.
11. Any Business income and expenses. If you are Gst registered please make it clear the gross amount, Gst amount and net amounts.
12. Managed investment tax statements
13. Foreign income details
14. Identification documents such as license or passport

Bring along your home loan statements, superannuation accounts, business, and personal insurance for a complimentary check-up review.

Any questions you have will be answered as part of your tax return service.

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