Tax Specialist for Investment Property Owners

Are you a property owner or investor?

Or thinking of selling or buying property?

As experienced accountants and property owners, too, we know that property can be successfully used for creating wealth.

We have a special interest in the property market and have built our knowledge over the years to become property accountants and property tax experts.


We provide practical and qualified advice so you can achieve maximum benefit and returns from your wealth creation strategy.


Having an accountant who is skilled, knowledgeable and up to speed with the property market and the latest investment property tax laws in Australia is critical to your financial success.


Helping you optimise the tax benefits of owning property

If you’re already a property investor, our aim is to help you in any way we can to feel organised and confident knowing that your properties are protected and your wealth is growing.

We help many property investors with their property tax matters and have helped many people minimise their Land Tax bill.

Being compliant with Australian Property Tax Laws is essential but we do not want to see you paying more tax than needed.

Whether you are an owner of residential rental properties or commercial investment properties, or both, we inform you about what you can claim to maximise your property tax deductions.

With our expertise and practical know-how, we also help clients understand more about how to use accounting to grow their wealth.

We can let you know whether negative gearing could help your financial position, how depreciation works for your rental property and appliances, and what the capital gains implications may be if you decide to sell.

And, if you have multiple investment properties, we’ll help you structure your property portfolio so that your assets are properly legally protected, provide the returns you’re seeking and are optimised for yourself or future generations.


First time property investors

If you’re not an investor yet, but thinking about it, and are unsure whether you have the finances to invest in a rental property, we strongly recommend seeking professional property accounting advice and guidance.


And, we’re here to help you and make that experience as easy and enjoyable as possible for you. After all, it’s a really exciting time in your life if you’re considering property investing.


First off, it’s important to have your income and budget reviewed, plus any existing debt, to see if you can make your dream property or investment occur in the short term.


Organising your property finance and finding the best loan can be a headache and hassle that you may want to avoid. Tax Accounting Adelaide can handle your accounting, tax and finance in one integrated approach.  We’ll review your loans for free and assess the best deals and potentially save you thousands in interest. It will be well worth doing.


And if your financial institution needs a business plan, we can do that too!

Property Accountants and Property Tax Advisors

What we can do for you

  • teach you how you can use the tax systemto create property wealth
  • deliver an easy to maintain software or bookkeeping solution to organise and manage your multiple properties and make cashflow reporting easier
  • manage your investment property records for you
  • reduce your Pay As You Go (PAYG) tax instalments and explain how they work
  • provide advice on how to minimise your property tax position before you move into retirement
  • explain what the risksand benefits of purchasing property are so you are well informed
  • forecast capital gains tax before you make a decision to sell a property
  • estimate your end of financial year tax return position so you have provision for it during the year, instead of hoping that all will be ok
  • help you determine in which name or entity to buy a property to give you the best outcome
  • provide specialist advice on whether you can use your superannuation to buy a property.

Tax returns for investment property investors

Tax Accounting Adelaide are experts in preparing rental property tax returns for one or more properties.


We manage the full spectrum of returns from the very simple to the complex.


We love helping people create wealth and minimise tax through property.


With expert guidance, you can make informed decisions.


Call us for practical, qualified property tax advice based on years of experience and help and advice.

Need property advice. Not sure what to buy or where to look in Adelaide or interstate.

We can guide you to trusted advisers.


Tax Accounting Adelaide - using accounting to help you grow your wealth