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Are you a property owner or investor? Or thinking of selling or buying property?

We are accountants who are pro-property for creating wealth and owning property too.

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Property Investment Advice


  • You own multiple properties and are looking to reduce your Land Tax bill. Let us review your situation to advise you if something can be done.
  • You are tired of paying too much tax. Let us guide you to see if investment property can optimally save you tax and create wealth.
  • If you don’t understand negative gearing. Let us explain it simply to you. We can never forecast how buying a property will impact your tax position.
  • If you are new to owning an investment property and need help understanding everything you should do and can claim, speak to us about how it works and how to maximise your deductions—book in to have your rental property deductions explained.
  • Not sure about how depreciation works? Let us work it through with you to meet your best deductions position.
  • Not sure if you can afford to buy a rental property or can get the finance? Let us work through your income position and budget, to see if you can make your dream property or investment occur.
  • Need property advice. Not sure what to buy or where to look in Adelaide or interstate. We can guide you to trusted advisers.
  • Let us teach you how the rich beat the tax system by creating wealth in property.
  • Worried about the headache of finance for your properties? Let us handle your tax and finance in one integrated approach.  Leave approaching financiers and analysing for the best deal deal for you to us. Including putting together a business plan if your financier needs it.
  • Have the best loan deal to save thousands on interest. Have us review your loans for the latest best deals.
  • You are wanting more financial information about your properties for better cashflow management or finance requests purposes. We can give you an easy-to-maintain software or bookkeeping solution to manage your multiple properties, to make your finance requests and cashflow reporting easy.
  • Are you finding it too hard to keep records for all your properties? Let us review your current processes to make this easier for you or let us handle it economically for you.
  • Hate or do not understand what your pay instalments are? Talk to us we can find out on your behalf what can be done to reduce them or just explain how they work.
  • About to retire and own a lot of property? Get simple advice on what to do to minimise your retirement property tax position before it is too late.
  • You are wondering what all my risks are in purchasing property. Let us give you unbiased accounting views that are on your side.
  • Thinking of selling your property? Find out a forecast of your capital gains tax and other options before you decide to do it.
  • Want to have no surprises on your end-of-year tax position? We can work closely to give you the ability to forecast and provision for your end-of-year tax amount during the year, rather than hoping it is okay when you do your tax return.
  • Not sure in which name or entity you should buy a property? Let us review your circumstances and advise which entity and owners would give you the best outcome.
  • And wondering if you can use your superannuation to buy a property. See us for specialist advice on your circumstances.

We are experts in preparing rental property tax returns for one or more properties.

No one is too simple or too complex. We love to help you create wealth and minimise tax through property.

We can guide you to an informed decision. Call us to speak to the right accountants for help and advice.

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