Fringe benefits tax returns and review

Fringe benefit tax returns and reviews services


We do FBT tax returns and can proudly say we are trained in FBT and of course we offer FBT return services.


We particularly want to educate small business out there because in our opinion even though Fringe benefit taxes have been around since 1986, it is relatively poorly understood by small to medium business enterprises and perhaps even generally most tax agents.


And with the ATO promising to chase down FB tax  from the small business sector more and more with new resource allocations, they have identified a shortage of what should be collected from FB tax and what is – known as the tax gap to the ATO.


So we are urging smart business owners to be more informed of their fringe benefit risks in their business.

We running a service designed to:

  • check if you are doing ok in terms of any FB tax risk;
  • Improve your awareness of FB that may relate to your business, in particular of cars, entertainment, common expenses eg mobile employee expenses, expenses reimbursed, gifts to employees, housing benefits, property benefits and other residual expenses.
  • Ways to limit FB risk.
  • We can suggest ways to close the risk of fb on previous years.

So if making sure you are doing everything right in your business and minimising tax risks and FB tax is important. Book in for a call back  on your  FBT services.


We are Small biz expert that can also assist in the preparation and lodgement of your FBT tax return.