Client Referral Incentives

We are looking for referrals from our clients and are looking for genuine referral partners

We really need your help? Can I show you how to refer to us and the incentives we offer? Yes we pay you, for referrals.

Our short video explaining the client incentives we offer you to refer us clients like you.

Thank You for being our client or referral partner.

Want to make easy money by using your own contacts and networks?

Well you can by referring individual and business clients.

Refer Individual clients

Discounts of your next individual tax return preparation fee

Refer 1 client $20

Refer 2 clients $40

Refer 3 clients $60

Refer 4clients $80 or 50% whichever is greater

Refer 5 clients 100%


Provide their details by calling me on 83374460 or online at

Bring in your referral names when I see you
for your next Tax Return

Discount apply to one individual tax return only.

Client referred must have completed and paid a tax return.

Refer Business Clients

By referring business clients.

A reward and incentive to continue referring me quality business clients like you, I will pay you $300 per client successful business referred to me.

Tell your friends, family and colleagues all about how good we are.

Let me know if they would like to meet our professional and business supporting methods.

Thank you.
We do not advertise but rely solely on our referrals from satisfied clients.

Conditions are:

Offer effective from 1 Feb 2020,

Referrals must be Business clients requiring monthly or quarterly regular work;

Incentive will be utilized to reducing your account with us or if nothing owed you receive a payment.

Amount will include GST if you are GST registered, so $330.

You must provide a tax invoice if gst registered.

Reward is paid upon payment of new client’s first invoice

Who to refer

Any business unhappy with the accounting solution, service and fees of
your current tax agent or book keeper

Anybody new to business or thinking of starting a business

Any individual or couples tax return including rental property owners, first time tax lodgers, someone who says they are paying too much tax, complex advice.

Someone who needs to lodge overdue BAS or
Tax returns with the ATO fast?

An owner or family wanting better value on self managed super fund or anyone thinking about one

Any other referrals welcome

How to refer

Invite them to our website so they can see more about us and our great reviews at

Create cues – do you know a good accountant? Who is your tax agent? Any whinge about accountants or fees; if people want or need money now – ask if they have done their taxes yet, hey your accountant can get you money fast on your tax refund.

Say this….“I will get a great accountant Romeo to book you in, their fees are very reasonable, he helps you with more than your tax return.”

Send their details – I will call them within a day, and thank you, I promise.

Collect your commission

Business ones paid to you, when they commence working with us and upon payment of their first invoice from your referrals.

Individual ones claim at your next tax return, just remind us or provide their names.

Thank you –

I always love to refer to my clients.

See us if we can refer to you.