About Our Business Owner


Romeo Caporaso

Romeo Caporaso

Romeo is the founder and owner of Tax Accounting Adelaide. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Public Accountants, former CPA, Tax Agent for individuals and small business.

Romeo has worked as:

  • an ATO Officer
  • Financial Accountant with Raa Insurance
  • Company Accountant of Rossdale Homes
  • and Business Banker for Commonwealth Bank

Romeo has a special passion for:

  • property investment
  • everything small business
  • internet business
  • fitness
  • formula one racing
  • touring more of Australia

He has over 15 years of commercial accounting and business banking experience, working with a vast variety of clients across many industries and non business clients too. He has been self employed since 2008 in personal training, web services, bookkeeping and accounting.

Romeo Caporaso is a Fellow of the Institute of Public Accountants

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