Savings Plan

A System That Tracks All Your Finances

Are you tired of Not Knowing Where All Your Money Goes?

Ever wondered why businesses do accounting and know where they spend their money BUT individuals don’t. Well now you can Book-keep your finances and we help you know where everything comes and goes. Have the platform to save and measure improving your net worth and creating true wealth.

We can even include Tax returns for you and your partner.

We can personalise your life into your accounting incorporating your investments such as Dividends, Investment properties and reconciling to your accounts, credit cards and loans.

Suitable for Landlords, individuals or families wanting to know where their money is coming and going, and seeking to align personal goals with financial plans.

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Why Do This?

  • Control your spending;
  • Know where all your money is going;
  • Plan your savings;
  • Setting a savings goal;
  • Have a platform to set budgets; Reduce debts and create savings surpluses.
  • Make your banking easy for bill paying and debt reduction success;
  • Make it easy to track your tax-deductible expenses;
  • Have historical income and spending data to compare your progress to previous years.
  • Have a net worth statement to target and measure your wealth growth.


What is the solution?

  • A customised scoreboard of all your incomes and expenses;
  • A listing of your assets such as bank accounts and investments, superannuation. A listing of your debts such as Credit Cards and your home loan. Giving you a bottom-line net worth figure. This is a key financial figure, you can set goals for and measure progress on.
  • Use customised income accounts in your life such as wages from work, rental incomes and expenses of rental properties, dividends on shares and interest on bank accounts.
  • Using customised expenses accounts in your life such as household bills, entertainment, vehicles, holidays, beauty and medical.
  • You can even segregate your self-employment business with detailed income and expenses.

What does this cost?

  • Monthly Investment is $220 per month.
  • This includes your set-up.
  • Online accounting software subscription.
  • includes your Annual tax return for you and your partner’s tax returns, wealth creation support and tax minimisation strategies.
  • Bi-annual financial coaching sessions and savings plan updates with goal-setting meetings.
  • Videos on how to use your online software.
  • Cancel any time with one month’s notice.
  • Guaranteed scoreboard and knowing your finances better, provided you take our steps.


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