Is a Self Managed Super Fund for you

Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF) Adelaide

Are you wondering if a Self managed Super Fund (SMSF) is right for you?

Or do you already have a SMSF and want more from your accounting partner?

We know and understand Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF) and think every business owner or high income earner should have one too.

Profit from our experience and fast track yourself to the SMSF lessons you need.

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We are a Self Managed Super Fund specialist wanting to guide you to an optimal wealth creation and retirement.

You must have loads of questions to ask and maybe you are not sure if you have everything covered. See us now and we can make it easy for you to get started the right way.

We can help with all your new or existing SMSF needs, offering you a simple quick start…

    • We can guide you into understanding SMSF and you will see it doesn’t have to be hard.
    • We help you overcome worrying about not having enough super.
    • We show you how SMSF can be used as an excellent tool to minimise tax.
    • We explain how much running a SMSF will cost. Ensuring you are ready and get no surprises down the track.
    • If you feel like you are paying too much taxthen we should consider whether a SMSF can save you tax?
    • Find out whether SMSF is right for you.
    • Stay abreast on the latest changes and how they affect you.
    • Understand how SMSF benefits you.
    • Get support on creating more retirement wealth.
    • Have access to integrated specialist financial planning advice with our service.
    • Improve your retirement tax position by structuring your wealth in SMSF.
    • Use your super balance to invest in more like owning your business premises. We can help you see if you can.
    • Teach you how to exploit Superannuation in business.
    • Encourage you to grow your Super and retirement wealth investments.
    • Advise you on how to effectively transfer your super wealth to your family, to take care of them after you have lived.
    • Answer any other question you may have particular to your circumstance or SMSF. We know you may have many.

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One of the worst things to do in retirement in Australia is… not to get behind your Super and grow your wealth. We make it simple for you to have the framework to create wealth in a low tax environment.

One of the best things to do in Super is… is to own property and shares in your Self Managed Super Fund in retirement as it is not taxed on its earnings or capital gains.


Meet us to see if we are the right partner for you to grow your Self Manged Super Fund, minimise your tax and make your accounting simple and economical.

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Your confidentiality about your Self Managed Super Fund is assured.

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