Do’s and Don’t For your business website

Tip and traps your your website

Here are some tips from our business networking discussion on the topic of what to do and not do on your business website.

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The DOs

  • Having a video on your home page can be an innovative point of difference in your industry and show you as superior to your competitors. It may be a short sweet explanation of your product, a call to action such as why they should make an appointment or answer a commonly asked question.
  • It is important to have a picture of the business owner to build trust. This is also very important if you are targeting women as women psychology is they like to see who they are dealing with.
  • Your website should reflect who you are targeting.
  • Show testimonials on your website with pictures and name and where they are from. Visitors may recognise some of them.
  • Check your website does display well on most browsers and smart device platforms
  • Check the performance of your website regularly, just as you do your profit and loss statement.
  • Have a website update or overhaul at least every two years. Your business will change and keep your website in fashion.
  • Have a blog on your webpage. It is a way to give away great information, educate and gain trust leading to a conversion your website. It will also help your long tail keywords seo which is usually easy to rank, These keywords will assist your primary keyword ranking too. It may also give your whole website ranking a lift if you do update your blog regularly.
  • A good website should have one simple objective such as to gain an appointment time, contact or sale.
  • It should be easy clean and easy to navigate.
  • Have a good website developer. Make sure others have referred them and can verify their good work practices
  • Use your website for business efficiency, if you are getting a common query then put it on your website, then flick out the link to the next enquiries. Use it as a digital catalogue.
  • Align it with other social media like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Disperse your website content through all social media avenues.
  • Have all the right things done to your website to assist it ranking on search engine websites such as keywords, sitemaps. Outsource to a professional if you know nothing about this.
  • Target the correct keywords. Do research on something like google keywords tool and then use the best ones consistently throughout your website pages and post.


The DON’Ts

  • There is nothing worse than a dated looking website that was last updated ten years ago.
  • Try not to cram everything you do on, reduce the focus on key target message. Remove low value or non-core targets.
  • Try not to waste money on a bad web developer. It is a critical purchase, so make sure you feel they are the right person. Check their previous work or testimonials. Easier said than done as most business owners have probably wasted some time and money on a poor or ineffective website.
  • Many young businesses over rely on their website. They think it will automatically generate new business, but it may not. Make sure you have other marketing efforts to combine with your website.
  • Avoid broken links, spelling mistakes, not working yet features or “under construction pages”
  • If you have poor conversion, Be aware of it for starters. Do something if your website has poor conversion
  • Don’t be a business who doesn’t regularly back up your website. Hacks and damages can occur.
  • Never be a website with only words. Include images and videos too.
  • Don’t forget to get offline leads too, they can have more traction than online leads.
  • Avoid legality issues. Make sure you meet ACCC guidelines and your industry guidelines.
  • Don’t build your website before you clearly indentify your target client
  • Don’t spend money attracting traffic to your website such as facebooks ads or google adwords until you have a website that works and converts.
  • Lastly don’t spend a fortune on auto-responder software which delivers automatic email series to prospects. More often than not the conversion or opt in rate can be quite low.


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