getting and keeping referral partners

Quick tips on getting and keeping referral partners

Are you genuinely happy about the amount of real referral partners or referring clients you have?

Our business owners meet up recently discussed quick ways of getting and keeping referral partners. Their ideas included:

  1. touching base which is so important. Aim for monthly connection to a referral partner. It may seem time-consuming but it can be highly valuable.
  2. Use linked in. Connect with people. If they match the connection to potential target markets you desire, reach out for a real meeting.
  3. Many others through people. Ask people if they know an ideal referral partner you are looking for.
  4. Tap into your clients as referral partners. Establish systems and rewards to educate them on referring clients.
  5. Reassess your target market and have a strategy to meet the people around your target market.
  6. Allocate time to network and go marketing. Give it priority over working in the business all the time.
  7. Establish a referral partner pack. It looks professional and maybe re-read and kept for years by the potential referral partner. Aim to educate simply on your products or solutions, a referral reward system, who to refer and how to refer.
  8. Assess whether where you go to network is right for your target market. Is it the right demographics?
  9. Fine-tune and evolve your referral incentives. Are you saying thank you? Are you providing an informal or formal incentive agreement? Are you willing to provide monetary or nonmonetary gifts to encourage more referrals. Or have you made it clear reciprocal referrals are expected.
  10. Ask your staff or colleagues how they get referral partners.
  11. Know how to say no. You will get asked to buy things or give referrals to someone you may already have covered. Be honest and assertive with a no.
  12. Bring them to your business networking group to boost the referral relationship. Nothing beats getting more referrals by seeing them more often and for months and years.
  13. Re-evaluate yourself. What else can you do to get referral partners. Often we are coasting and not giving it enough focus. Take yourself back to thinking what would I need to do if was just starting my business.
  14. Lastly be loyal to your referral partners. Focusing on one can get much better results. As they say spread yourself thin and get thin results.

Good luck on getting And keeping referral partners.

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