Getting Facebook reviews

Getting Facebook reviews

So if you have a Facebook page for your business then it wouldn’t it be helpful to have positive reviews on your Facebook page? Of course yes it would.

Many businesses do not dedicate the time or effort to getting facebook reviews which can stand them out from competition if they do have good reviews on their facebook page.

So the million-dollar question is how you can be getting facebook reviews?

You could just wait but this is not likely to generate anything new, quickly anyway.

So we suggest Asking for them. Add it into your systems And processes so that you ask content customers for review on facebook. Make it easy for them to do this, by giving them the link to do it. Of course some will do this and some wont. Getting facebook reviews will help your website rankings, make you appear more higher in facebook displays and excel you above competitors who have no reviews.

What do you do if you get a bad review?

Reply to it. Learn from it. Make good if you have genuinely made a bad experience to a customer. If you handle this well they may retract the poor review.

Sometimes it is someone making up a bad review to hurt your business. In this case, get more good reviews, aim to get so many good ones it relegates the odd bad one to three pages back, where no-one can see. Many good ones can also cast suspicion that the bad one is a fake one too or at least makes it look out of place.

So good luck on getting Facebook reviews.

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