Good businesses exploit their strengths

Revealed – Exploit using your strengths

Many business owners know that some things work really well for their business.

At our recent business networking event we discussed the topic of how to exploit your strengths in your business:

  • Listen to what people say about you. Ask them how they found you? Why they came back? What your business is doing right?
  • Ask for testimonials or feedback from the people who are coming back as clients.
  • Do more of what you know is working for you. Is that your signage, online marketing or service?
  • Fine tune what you say about what you do.
  • Make yourself sound unique by what people say about you. Say a story about how you added value to clients. Perhaps justify your extra value and service that makes you worth being more expensive than the cheapest person in town.
  • Answer the simple and regular questions most of your target client will be asking.
  • go further than others and you will get referrals.
  • Spoil your clients and have systems to be consistently fantastic to build your brand.

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