How to Build Credibility

At our recent business networking meeting our members discussed how to create credibility in your business or professional role. Here are some of their ideas and tips:

  • To keep your focus on value not price.
  • Have a good online presence via positive reviews and people website with social media presence
  • Find ways to add value to your clients and customers, for example a caring follow up call on a tricky situation they have mentioned before or sending them an article or information on a particular situation relating to them.
  • Be yourself, be honest and be different
  • Tell a story about something you did above and beyond what is normally done, people find stories very memorable and are more likely to tell others are hence get you recommendations and referrals to others.
  • Always deliver on what you promise.
  • Build an image on LinkedIn which can remind people of your excellent experience, qualifications and endorsements.
  • Try to understand how people perceive you, and work on your positives and improve your negatives. This is important as we are judged instinctively by people as soon as we meet them.
  • Credibility can be built by saying stories about some failures and how you overcome.
  • Keep your integrity with business relationships
  • Have an excellent assessment process of new clients, when you gain information in a professional manner you already look like you know what to do. Build the relationship on this assessment, and remind them when you have achieved what they have asked for.
  • How you dress can build credibility. Make sure you dress to your target market.
  • Making sure your answer phones in a polite and helpful manner, and stay prompt in returning calls.
  • Smile often
  • Supply info and give extra advice

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