How to claim back GST when you are an overseas visitor

How to claim back GST when you are an overseas visitor

Many may not know when you are visiting Australia as tourists you can claim back GST on your expenditure. Is that this is not too important to us residents who live here as it does not apply to us. However, you may want to keep this in mind when you have overseas visitors and friends.

There is a scheme called the tourist refunds scheme or TRS refund.

Here are some simple guidelines that will see you get 10% GST sales tax right back in your pocket:

  1. Goods have to be over $300 in value and should be for goods which are not intended to return to Australia. So if you are a local usually means you need to have bought it for a family, friend or colleague overseas.
  2. They have to be brought within 60 days of your departure. So even for a local, if you were about to go overseas, it could be the right time to buy your gadget. Your purchase can be opened and be used it doesn’t need to stay sealed in a box.
  3. You have to bring this purchase to the airport as carry on baggage. Obviously, you won’t be able to show it if in checked-in baggage so you’d need to have accessible in carry on baggage. In fact you need to present the purchases at the airport TRS office.
  4. To purchase a tax invoice with you. Keep in mind when the purchase is over $1000 the tax invoice needs to include your address. So make sure this is on there at the time of purchase so you’re not caught out.
  5. The TRS refund offices are usually located past customs at the airport, so you will need to check-in for your flight and make your way through customs before heading to the TRS refund office.

Sometimes they can be quite busy so allow plenty of time. Actually you should show the officers your purchases and your invoices and be able to quote your bank account for your refund. If you need help with the TRS refund, call 83374460 and talk to our accountant about this.