What do you need for tax returns?

What to Prepare for a local meeting or virtual meeting (scan the documents and send them to me).

I will acknowledge receipt, request if any information is required, and will arrange a way of meeting you soon.

This is a long list and some of the items may not apply to you.  If they do not apply ignore that item.


Preparation for:

Individual Tax Return:
PAYG Payment summaries (update: From 01/07/19 PAYG Summaries are available online for Tax Agents)
ETP Payment summaries
Pensions & ComSuper Payment summaries
Social Security & Centrelink Payment summaries
Any interest earned
Dividend statements
Private Health Insurance statement & details
Rental income & expense details
Capital Gain/Loss details e.g.. Share & property sales/purchases
Trust Distribution tax statements
Partnership income & expense details
Business income & expense details
Foreign income
Any Other income details
Travel expenses e.g.. Airline/bus tickets related to work travel
Motor Vehicle expenses e.g. km traveled and engine size, logbook if applicable
Dry-cleaning or laundry costs associated with protective clothing/uniforms
Replacement of protective clothing/uniforms
Self-Education costs
Union dues
Other work-related expenses including home office, computers, mobiles, etc.
Investment expenses including borrowing costs, interest on loans,  investment advice fees
Accounting fees & travel expenses associated with the preparation of your tax return
Medicare Levy exemption details
Income Protection insurance
Family Tax payments, Part A &/or B
Number of dependents and their dates of birth
Spouse’s income details


Business Tax Returns:
(including Trust, Companies, Partnership & Sole Traders)


Manual records:
Bank/Credit Card statements for the full year
Cheque books for the full year
PAYG Payment summary statement
Copies of PAYG Payment Summaries
Any Dividend statements or Trust Distribution tax statements
Details of any cash income or expenses
Debtors & Creditors
Stock on hand
Petty Cash details
Copies of BAS/IAS statements for the financial year

Computerized records:
Backup of software
Bank Reconciliation with bank statement for 30 June
PAYG Payment summary statement
Copies of PAYG Payment Summaries
Stock on hand
Any Petty Cash/cash transactions not entered into the software
Copies of BAS/IAS statements for the financial year


Fringe Benefits Tax Return:
Opening odometer reading as of 1 April
Closing odometer reading as at 31 March
Logbook (if one has been kept)
Motor Vehicle expenses incurred (if the logbook is available):
-Car washes
-Interest/Loan/Lease repayments Please indicate whether the expenses provided are shown as GST inclusive or exclusive
Entertainment paid, including details of the number of people attending (broken up into employees, associates, clients, and directors), type of function and whether or not the expense was incurred interstate
Non-commercial loans (interest charged at less than 7.05%)
Debt waivers
Employee expense payments
Housing/accommodation/board provided
Living Away From Home allowances paid
Airline transport (airlines & travel agents only)
Property provided
Car Parking (when a commercial car parking station is located within 1km and charges more than $6.43 per day)
Any employee contributions received
FBT Instalments paid

Manual records:

Tax invoices for each expense incurred.
Total receipts for the period, detail of how much GST was collected for each receipt
Include all income i.e. interest, rent, etc.
Salary and wages paid for the period
PAYG with tax withheld for the period
Bank statements for period Providing a summary of income and expenses for the period will keep your accounting fees to a minimum. You should show the GST inclusive amount and the GST relating to each transaction as per the tax invoice.

Computerized records (e.g. MYOB)

Bank reconciliation printout
Bank statement @ last day of the period
PAYG with tax withheld from wages for a period
Advise if no tax invoice is held for expenses
GST detail report for the period
Backup of MYOB file

Cloud software

Ensure invited as a financial adviser user.


PAYG withholding voluntary tax payments (if applicable)
salary and PAYG withholding tax deductions
PAYG installments Details of all business & investment income for period e.g. dividends, interest, rental, distributions.
Supporting documents


Superannuation Funds
Bank statements for complete year
Dividend statements
Managed Trust distribution statements
Unit trust distributions
Cheques books
Details of each contribution into fund
Buy/sell contracts
Details of new investments
Expenses incurred by trustee on behalf of super fund
Rollover fund statements
ETP Payment Summaries