How to Sell Your Property

How to Sell Your Property

We all want to sell our home in a short time and at a possible high price, however, it can happen that some houses are there on the market for months. This may be due to some reasons discussed below.

Do you find a good real estate agent help you with the sale?

Some sellers choose to sell their homes privately so that to avoid the agent commission and other fees. Property selling is complicated and tedious, without a licensed agent who is specialised in the process and experience in the market, you may end up doing the wrong thing and incurring more cost. And it is also important to find a good agent to act in the best interest of you, knowing what you want, giving you right price guide on your property and utilising the right marketing tool to promote.

Do you overvalue your home?

Putting a high price bracket can reduce the number of interested buyers. Normally the real estate agent would evaluate the house based on their experience and current market conditions. Taking their advice and sometimes it can be more profitable by setting a lower price range. This can let the buyers compete and end up making a higher offer than expected.

Have you done enough preparation before sale?

It is essential that, before inspection, you fix the basic problems of the house such as scratches on the wall, leaking taps, and broken air-conditioning, etc. Buyers would see these as good bargain points by offering a lower price or it can reduce their buying interest. One the other hand, spending too much on renovating might not be necessary, it may not recoup the investment. Therefore, it is wise to consult with your agent to decide how much work should be done.

Are you being flexible?

This means that if you want to reach a wide range of interested buyers as possible, Firstly, opening the inspection for different time periods, the weekends, at odd times or during the night time. Also, when examining the offers, do not just refuse straight away due to a lower price than expected. You should try to negotiate using techniques with the agent’s help and establish a win-win position.

Do you just sign the final document without carefully reading them?

After going through all the processes, some sellers may be relaxed at the last step and do not bother reading all the legal documents. It is very important that you completely understand what’s in the contract. Sometimes it can include some terms and conditions that you do not mean, so it is essential to go through each line before signing anything.

Hopefully, the points explained above could help on your selling process and make you feel less stressful.

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