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  • have a good message a good pitch to say when you meet people about what you do
  • respond your help to People asks, remember it isn’t just about what you want but what you can give
  • have a coffee group with business colleagues – good friendships and relationships and the business will come
  • say stories that people have said about the quality of your work
  • be patient and nurturing a referral partnership. Don’t expect it to happen after one coffee
  • go along to business networking events with a view to making new friends rather than getting a business
  • promote yourself anywhere and not just at business networking events such as a car park, medical center, Shopping center, church. Do not miss an opportunity to mention what your business does
  • when you attend business networking events just make a connection with the person find a commonality and then follow up.
  • in the larger business networking environments get out of your comfort zone and say hello to people
  • be loyal to one operator as your referral partner rather than having many of the same type
  • have a plan to meet at least five people at a business networking event and to follow up at least all of the meet two for a coffee, convert one into a reciprocating referral partner.
  • If you’re serious about business referral partner you need to see them at least once a month.

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