Making it easier when you call the ATO by confirming your identity

You can make calling the ATO quicker and easier by having information ready. When you call them on 13 numbers you will need to confirm your identity with them.

Commonly they will ask details to identify yourself and see if they match their records. Details such as:

  1. date of birth
  2. residential or business address
  3. bank account number
  4. details from a previous ATO letter or notice of assessment
  5. your tax file number

Once they can obtain sufficient proof of identity the ATO officer will be able to provide information about your income tax accounts.

So make sure you’re ready before you give them a call, the last thing you want is to wait a long time and then not be ready when you finally get through to an officer and failed to have sufficient proof of identity. This may mean you have to call again and wait in the queue again.