Quick Ways to Get New Clients & Revenue

Quick Ways to Get New Clients & Revenue

Tax Accounting Adelaide is always passionate about helping small business grow through inexpensive marketing. Here are some of the ways we have seen business grow their clienteles or revenues without big budgets.

1. Make a reason to contact or see your client base.

2. Invest in good signage if you have passing by traffic. Even a little a-frame can work very well for you.

3. Get involved in a club, go there often and when asked, tell them what you do.

4. Have Google plus (formerly places) ad! It is often the easiest way to be on page one of Google for you keywords.

5. Attend business networking events, meet new people and build referral colleagues.

6. Learn to say what you do in an engaging and memorable way. Sound different and be remembered so that you get referrals.

7. Ask for referrals from clients especially your biggest fans. But be specific and narrow it down, or say a story of the type of client you ideally want. Remember to reward them for referrals, saying thank you is a start.

8. Spend money on services your clients do or refer them business. It is a subtle way of asking them to give you referrals back.

9. Make an umbrella of suppliers who work in complementary services to your target market. Reach out and connect with them to enrich your target markets solution. So let’s say a personal trainer could complement well with a local physio,  nutritionists, chiro and masseuse.

10. Schedule posts on your Facebook business page. Post photos,  questions from customers, good news, positive feedback and testimonial stories.

For an accountant who goes beyond just your tax return and helps you grow through simple effective marketing techniques, call Tax Accounting Adelaide on 8337 4460 for a free initial meeting on implementation of some of these ideas to move your business to more revenue.