Biggest business lesson tips

Biggest business lesson tips

In a recent business breakfast, Tax Accounting Adelaide asked business people their biggest lesson in business. Here are their business tips.

1. Careful what you say to yourself. If you think you can’t, you are absolutely right.

2. It is not a sprint but a marathon.

3. Always have quality of work, like it is for yourself.

4. Keep your ethics.

5. Take responsibility when things go wrong.

6. Listen to your customer, negotiate with them to the best value solution for them.

7. Return calls within one day.

8. Listen to your gut feeling in your transactions.

9. Do the simple things right.

10. Do your business with joy.

11. Treat your customer with urgency.

12. Focus on one business until you get it right. If  you spread yourself thin you get thin results.

13. Stay in contact with clients regularly.

14. Where possible turn an online lead into a face to face meeting.

15. Have a sales presentation when meeting a new lead.

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