Take the Stress Out Of Tax Returns With Tax Accounting Adelaide!


Do you want to reduce the stress and increase the return in your Tax Return? Read on to find out how you can benefit from choosing Tax Accounting Adelaide as your tax agent.


  •  A face to face service with tax agent Tax Accounting Adelaide is most likely to prompt and uncover the most deductions available for you by getting to know your circumstances in greater detail than over the phone or via email correspondence.
  •  Tax Accounting Adelaide offers an online booking service or you can book an appointment by phone – whatever way you prefer. If you get home late, you don’t need to fuss about trying to find an accounting firm that’s open – just use our online booking platform available 24 hours, 7 days a week.
  • There are specialist industry tax deductions available to you and as a tax agent, we are likely to have experience with your occupation and know what tricks your colleagues use. We prompt you on what you can claim and let you know what you can’t claim.
  • We give you longer to do your tax return – you don’t need to lodge until May the following year. If you’re running late or have more urgent things to do, that’s no problem. We can do your tax at a future time and you still won’t be late or overdue in the eyes of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).
  • A tax agent can guide and educate you on what to do even better next year – they can give you ideas on how to organise your records more easily next time or let you know if what you prepared isn’t needed anymore, which can save you time and effort, and reduce stress.
  • We can look at your overall financial position and give you tips and strategies to improve your financial health and wealth. For example, do you have a will and are you insured against personal risks.
  • We can give you specific and effective tax minimisation strategies you are unlikely to know about so that you are improving your tax effectiveness over time, rather than having the same high taxes year upon year. We can help you get on track for creating a plan for your savings and/or investments.
  • We can look up and find the figures of your employment income, hospital cover details, interest and dividend income for you to confirm instead of you having to source and compile them all which could potentially risk leaving out some areas of income.
  • A tax agent like Tax Accounting Adelaide has tools to contact the ATO much easier and faster than you calling them. For example, we can facilitate reasonable repayment arrangements and request refund of tax fines on your behalf.
  • We can review your past tax returns to see if they were processed reasonably. We can lodge amendments for you to give additional refunds from past tax returns you were not happy with or did not understand at that time.
  • We could possibly find your income figures from previous years related to your employment, dividends and interest if you have lost that information.


You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by utilising the experience and knowledge of Tax Accounting Adelaide. Making the most of out of your financial situation can provide a deep feeling of satisfaction and ease in an aspect of our life that can often be uncomfortable, stressful, and costly if not handled right. Make it easier this financial year by contacting Tax Accounting Adelaide to prepare your next tax return.