Unknown secret as why you should have a smsf

Little known reason why SMSF work

Many of you may be aware in the world of Superannuation that the uptake on Self Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) continue to grow in number of funds across Australia.

So many of them they are infact 99% of the number of them. That is because there a many but few big ones. WHat most of s have, referred to as industry Super funds.

No doubt many of the big super funds are still large guardians of super wealth too.

But in my experience with my clients, most people with normal super funds barely know what amount they even have in super, little about the return on it or even how it is invested.

But  ehnr clients are smsf they are…

Managing it themselves and therefore being involved, active and more aware of it.

Enthusiasm comes alive, in it’s active management.  Bit like the kid shaking his money box and counting it.

The passion becomes alive.

Desire to create wealth is stronger than the normal super fund. Why? because you are running it. Rather than just getting an annual statement assuming they have the right address.

In my experience the active management of peoples smsf is a key to creating a bigger super balance and hence creating wealth.

It is with compounding interest, regular contributions to retire with a wonderful nest egg in a low tax environment to boot.

If you are looking to start a smsf speak to us and we can refer you to the right advice or if you are looking for more from your smsf accountant we would love to meet you too.

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