Using Delegation to Grow Your Business

Here are some tips and knowledge on the topic of how to successfully delegate:.

  • If you are a micro-business or a one-man band and you have no one to delegate to, you can still delegate to someone such as virtual personal assistant or find some of the most time-consuming tasks and pay someone to do them as many can be inexpensive.
  • It is okay to delegate tasks or a client job however it’s important to identify the critical steps which must be checked and supervised, maintaining such a system can prevent errors and maintain your quality of work.
  • Identify what is taking up a lot of your time, then work on delegating these tasks.
  • Training someone well initially is so important, showing them through as a test and giving them a chance to paraphrase your instructions back to you. You will see if they have really understood if they can repeat what you have just taught immediately.
  • Communicate to people in their way whether that is aural or visual or a combination of both. In other words get to know your people and how they learn best.
  • Know and get your staff input into how they want to develop their role. Use this as a way to encourage staff to take on tasks.
  • Outsource some personal things e.g. lawn mowing if you could do more moneymaking activity in that time.
  • Encourage initiative from your staff.
  • Use collaboration tools so that tasks can be easily delegated and you have systems which could give a delegate a quick understanding or brief of what needs to be done.
  • With staff force yourself to show them everything that needs to be done so that they learn more and can handle more without you. The more you show them the more they could do for you.
  • Lastly and my most powerful tip is training good staff will save you time in that they can train good staff for you.

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