What to review in your marketing for quick results

  • What to fix first in your marketing review?


If you want to improve your marketing and not sure where to start, here are some juicer places to start:

  • Review your forms and brochures. Ask yourself if they are being used enough and well? Are they easy to use for staff and clients? Are they easy to distribute? Do staff use them?
  • Review your Services or menu. What are you biggest types of sales type?. Consider simplifying and reducing some that don’t work. Is your pricing right on them too? Is it efficient to get to that particular service. Is it well marketed?
  • Get client feedback. Ask what other services they would like you to have. What you are doing well and not? Make suggestions welcome.
  • Track your leads. Follow upon them. Know where your leads are coming from. Have systems for “lead follow-up and implementation” when new business is won.
  • Make it easy for your referrers to refer to you. Review their incentives and improve simple systems to be referred to.
  • Review your sales process. What are you saying to sell your services well and cross-sell others? What vital information are you always needing to provide your services and are you collating this effectively?
  • Know and sharpen your target markets and focus your marketing on them well.
  • Keep your existing clients rather than focusing on getting new ones as well. What are you doing to retain your best clients? Improve on feedback of why you have lost key clients.


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