Why Holiday Is Important for Business Owner?

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People always believe that successful business owners are those who hardly have time to take a break from the business. It’s not true actually, holiday is a necessity for happiness and general wellbeing, a great opportunity to spend some time with families friends and is vital for ongoing business success.An academic study once revealed that you are more likely to have health problem without taking holidays.

One of Australia’s bestselling small business authors, Andrew Griffiths, he wrote a book called 101 Ways To Have A Business And A Life. He explained why business owner should have holidays and how.


– Business owner is obviously the biggest asset for a business, a wonderful holiday for a business owner is like a profitable investment for the biggest asset. It’s worth having it.

– When you are tired of handling business affairs, you are less creative on new ideas and even less enthusiastic on day-to-day operation. Your business then looks tired too.

– After you are recharged and refreshed, you feel healthy physically and mentally. This will revitalise your energy in business and pass this to your staff.

– It gives your staff a good chance to work dependently without your supervision and impress you with their abilities.

Not only you need a holiday but how to make it a enjoyable one?

– Giving your suppliers and customers plenty notice, at least one month, that you are going to be a way. Then reiterate it again one week before you go. This will avoid urgent jobs that as you’re about to go.

– Telling everyone that you are leaving a day earlier than the actual date. Then both you and your staff can finalise the last a few things easily and calmly rather being stressed out in the last minute.

– Similarly, book a extra day before you officially start working. You can pop into the office, making sure everything is going well, maybe catching up with a few emails and get ready for the real day back.

Giving yourself a real holiday, you’ll be happier, more energetic, more relaxed and have a better idea of how to control and grow your business.

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