19 Ways to Make Extra Money


I have been noticing the recent trend in many workers finding less and less job security, so I have been inspired to share some ways to make money. As maybe some of these may interest you.

My tip is to just try one or two of these suggestions that interest you the most.

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1.     Online surveys

you can make money by filling out online surveys at websites. Here are some that you may try





2.     Paid for searching the web

you can also try getting paid for searching or surfing the net


he's a great video showing you how you can make money using qmee https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_8XkywdpEc

3.     Review websites & apps for cash

you can also be paid for reviewing brands

find out more at this website


4.     Make websites for people

making a website for someone is also really easy and you can offer this is a service to businesses or just people who need a website.

You need to buy a web host, I have suggested one below Bluehost. Buy a domain

Get a website name or domain

Install a platform like WordPress and build websites. Or Outsource your website production on a website such as https://www.freelancer.com/

5.     Affiliate marketing

if there is a special interest topic that you will have some specific knowledge in or that you just love, you can sell other people’ s online products and earning commissions on their sale, especially if they are relating to your own established  social media pages and websites. It works by you giving  your special link which is traced to you so that if any future sales are made, your commission will occur.

Here is how to start being an affiliate marketer


or try being an affiliate of Amazon, sell books and audios and get commissions too.


or sell local online products you like

6.     Sell simple services on Fiverr

Fiverr is a popular website which allows you to sell services always for five dollars.

You can also get things done cheaply at fiverr, then sell them for more, and make a profit.

7.     Review music for money

if you love music you can get paid to review new bands and music


8.     Be an extra

if you love acting be an extra on movie or TV show


9.     Be a tutor

do you think you're smart enough to be a tutor? Maybe try



10.Get a part time job

okay so this one try getting a part-time job especially if you're a student.


11.Sell your photos

if you have some good photos that you could sell try



if you love children, perhaps you can be a babysitter



13.Dog walking & sitting

if you love dogs, be a dogwalker


14.Rent out your house for filming

if you have a beautiful house, looking to rent it out for TV shows and movies


15.Freelance work

there are many, many online services that can be offered in the net these days, from ongoing website  services to being a social media manager. Maybe you can run someone's Facebook page for them.

Check out Elance - you may be able to provide a service or professional consulting service there.


16.Sell stuff on eBay

of course I have to mention ebay. So from selling anything extra around the house to find something special and bringing it to the world in bulk. Ebay will give you enormous web traffic to selling your products.


17.YouTube videos

uploading you tubes can provide you some income by getting paid to show ads.

So if you have some extra knowledge or just take a video of something interesting, if it becomes popular on youtube it may just make you some money.

We've all seen those videos which become hugely popular, simple information, live event such as a plane crash or even just tips on making money.

Remember that youtube is the second largest search engine in the world


here is a great video explaining how someone makes money on youtube I Liked. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsMj6wn7d0M

18.Network marketing

if there is something that is really interested or a product which has really worked for you, it made me sold person-to-person. These are normally called Multilevel marketing. They require a lot of focus on, and typically do not become profitable for some years. I do not suit a busy person, a more someone who has the time to focus on this business alone.

Here is a list if you want to consider some


19.Tax Refunds

Of course your tax return may be able to get you some money too.

Make sure your taxation is reviewed in order to make sure that all your tax returns have been lodged. Many young people have not done tax returns for the first year or two of work and they often have refunds sitting there. It's worth checking with your tax agent.

At tax accounting Adelaide as part our tax return service we check if you have any outstanding lodgements.

So get you and your family of the couch and start making some additional cash. Be sure to let me know how you go.

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