guiding you to effectively delegating

guiding you to effectively delegating

Delegating can be a huge help to the time poor business owner but it can often be harder to execute that it sounds.  Here are some business owners expert tips on how to effectively delegate.

  • Before delegating you must train staff and actually do tasks with them until they become more confident and capable. If you train staff properly you can get more time and things can work without you.
  • Know how much to delegate. Buildup to it slowly, this gives your staff confidence.
  • Delegate to the right people. Monitor them as you build up slowly and see how they are coping handling things alone. Have ways to checks things are being done right.
  • Often when the pressure is on business owners can retract to just doing it themselves. But investing time in developing someone makes time for you later on. Force yourself to show your trainee more and more, soon handling the different curveballs that are coming in and build them up to handling more or situations for you.
  • Follow up who you have given tasks to and that they have done it well.
  • Give them a clear direction or instruction. Improve the communication, verbal can sometimes mean they don’t catch everything. Written forms of tasks can minimise the chance of error.
  • Make sure you make yourself approachable. Welcome them to come to you when unsure or when a new situation arises.
  • Systems or checklists make it easier for staff to follow. Have an area or point where senior checks that or helps decide or keep it on the right track.
  • Look at what you do and where your time is spent. See where and what can be delegated or outsourced.
  • can you get someone to do something while you can do something more valuable adding or could be charging more than the cost of them doing it for you.
  • Do your research on who to outsource to.
  • Maybe ensure your quality in keeping outsourcing with in Australia even if less competitively priced
  • start off small with outsourcing.
  • Whatever you are outsourcing or delegating make sure you check in often. Being involved in the critical points checking the quality of work.
  • Watch out if outsourcing can impact your client relationships.
  • Don’t do everything yourself or you will blow up.
  • If you are getting grumpy answering a phone or being with clients, chances are you need to delegate more and get back to serving with a smile.


Good luck on effectively delegating in business.

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