Proud Green and Paperless Office

Tax Accounting Adelaide is now paperless and greener!


Since starting the business back in 2010, we had many paper-based system and began to grow our filing cabinets full of client files. That was fine and also, I was trying to do the best I knew at that time. More recently, however, I wanted to move away from paper and bulky filing cabinets as much as possible.


In late 2019 we hired an administrator to help us through this transition. Eventually, we were able to migrate all old paper files to electronic files. This was indeed a very time-consuming process which involved countless hours of scanning all client files.

It was a career highlight, in shredding all those files and even selling the filing cabinets at a big loss I might add. On the bright side, I was happy to see my office make a move towards digitalisation and cloud-based work, doing our part in helping the environment.


The empty space left behind by the filing cabinets has now been transformed into a staff and client area. This extra space has given us the opportunity to gather and have informal meet-ups, celebrate milestones, and just get to know how everyone is doing. In my opinion, these mini-gatherings are quite an essential component of a well functioning team.


The benefits of being greener is awesome!

  • less paper use,
  • less landfill and printer supply,
  • safer for clients sensitive information too,
  • greater software utilisation and cost savings.


The web is full of software and tools to help you go paperless. For instance, the client filing software we use and our tax return software all promote a greener office.


Recently, we have also installed an electronic signature-pad to save printing tax returns for signing.

I also want to be honest, while we have reduced paper use almost completely, we still occasionally print some things for clients who prefer paper copies or signing paper. I also still like to handwrite sometimes on paper for things like my to-do list and ideas.


We also did a bit of office renovating in the quieter COVID19 times. Hopefully you will notice the difference when you visit.


By the way, in case you haven’t met my new Accounting staff, introducing:


Shaun Miranda,


Greta Froli,


and Gina Cai.