The way you get your Payment Summary information is changing!

The Changes to Your Payment Summary Information.



As you know, you may now no longer get a payment summary from your workplaces. We will be able to see your payment summaries as soon as they are lodged with the ATO by your employers. Sometimes in early July, they are not yet available.


We prefer you to book an appointment with us after Mid-July as your payment summaries and your hospital cover information will be available to access from the ATO. Otherwise, you will need to provide us all your income information prior to it being available at the ATO.


Booking an appointment later and once the information is available increases the likelihood that your tax return is accurate at the time of the appointment and prevents the need for you or ATO to amend a tax return at a later stage.


Should you still wish to visit the office while your payment summaries are unfinalised, we would still proceed with inputting all your details and deductions from your information as we cannot access it yet from the ATO.