When to lodge your tax return by – with your tax agent

When do you have to do tax return by?

Today we are explaining when you have to do your tax return by when you have a tax agent.

If you have already done your tax return for this year you can listen to this for next year in case you ever need to lodge later it is possible when you have a tax agent.

Ok so the main thing I wanted to explain when you have a tax agent you have longer than October 31 to lodge your tax return. This is so tax agents don’t have to do all their clients in four months. They have extensions into the next few months and as late as May. But of course We don’t want all our clients coming in the last minute, so stick to the regular times you lodge with your agent.

If you know someone running late to lodge a tax return, feel free to introduce them to us, we can get them an extension on when they lodge with us. Just say you know a good accountant who you can introduce them too and will make sure they avoid any late fines from the ATO if you see us quickly

So if you had me as your tax agent last year, then you don’t have to rush in if you are too busy to do before the 31 October date.

But still come asap when you are ready or if you need your refund asap.

If you normally pay tax, or are a business, have a big help debt, lots of investment income or think you may have to pay then feel free to do later in the year too. You will get longer to pay your tax bill then.

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