Tax season is coming, are you thinking of looking for a good tax agent to maximise your tax benefit?

Here are some of the benefits to have a registered tax agent:

  1. Tax agents must register with the Tax Practitioners Board and follow strict regulations when processing tax returns. They are the only people allowed to charge a fee to prepare and lodge a tax return and they are required to act in a professional manner. To check if someone is a tax agent visit
  2. If you do tax return by yourself, the deadline is 31 October every financial year. However, if you go to a tax agent, they have special lodgement schedules and have extra time to lodge.
  3. Good tax agents will not only help with your tax return, but they also give you tax advice on how you should manage your wealth to get the most tax benefits. It’s good to establish a long term relationship with your tax agent, so they know your financial position well and will give you the best advice.
  4. Of course for the small investment of the tax return preparation fee, they may save you on tax and educate you on what you can do better in the future too.

Why You Should Only Use a Registered Tax Agent

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