Creating Wealth through Investment Properties

Creating Wealth through Investment Properties


Investment properties can help to create wealth by increasing your tax refund in the short term and earn property capital growth in the long term.

When you buy a rental investment property the tax system is favourable to it. This is because it includes rental income minus all the deductions meaning it can increase your tax refund in the short term, while you earn capital growth on the property in the long term.


  • We can help you buy an investment property maximizing your tax deductions and long term return. And here is an example of how we are able to do it.
Let say your rental income on a 300k property is 300 per week 15600
Less interest on the property loan -12600
Less other rental property expenses like rates, water, ins, agent fees -5000
Less depreciation on the building 150k at 2.5% -3750
additional tax deductions -5750
increased tax refund 2213.75


  • Depreciation on the property

This is calculated by a quantity surveyor and gives you thousands of $$$ in future deductions. This report costs $770 and it is a valuable investment to maximize your deductions for many years.


  • But can I afford this

Some of the tax deductions shown in your tax return are not actually spent. E.g.on the above example,

The cash required per year to own the investment is -2000
Don’t forget your tax refunds make cashflow better too 2213.75
Actual cost per year on this property 213.75

And don’t forget the property will increase in value in the longer term too.


So what are you waiting for? Buy the right property then wait for your net worth to increase. Most people don’t get wealthy from work alone, they do from investments while they work. Remember that you cannot spend this money every day, so we will guide you to the golden opportunity.

  • We take care of your depreciation report.
  • We can help you obtain finance.
  • We can even help you insure and manage the property.


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