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Tax Tips for Fly-in Fly-out Employees

Employees who work  away from home for a number of days on a regular and rotational basis and return to normal residence for a few days off that are not…


Will business offices exist in future?

With the development of social media and new technology, many big organizations and business owners decide to reduce the floor area and explore the way to use a remote workforce….

Self Managed Super Fund Accountant Adelaide

Issues and tips of using an SMSF to buy property

Issues and tips of using an SMSF to buy property Data from the ATO in June 2012 showed a 43% increase in the number of SMSFs during the last ten…


What to post on Facebook for your business?

Successful ways businesses use Facebook? You may be thinking I have a Facebook page for the business, but not sure may to post on it or how to get likes….


Social media – a great opportunity for small business

Everybody are familiar with or at least heard about social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn. According to the Social Media Report published by Sensis in 2011, approximately 2/3 of…


10 Quick Low Cost Ways to Stop Sales Dropping

10 Quick Low Cost Ways to Stop Sales Dropping Are you worried by your sales dropping or plateauing? Here are some quick fire ways to combat any post pandemic declines…


How to deal with customer complaints

Tips for business on How to deal with customer complaints Recognise that threats to a customer’s self-esteem will cause negative emotions because they are normal people; It is important to…

what makes a great accountant adelaide

What makes a great accountant explained

What makes a great accountant explained Which of these are important to you regarding your accountant? Refer me to other clients Help me more when times are tough Organize events periodically…

No more ATO refund cheqs, Now EFT only

No more ATO refund cheqs, Now EFT only You need a bank account for your Tax refund now From 1st july the ATO will no longer pay tax refunds by cheque…

Segregation of Duties for Small business Bookkeeping

Once your small business grows and you devote more time as well as effort into developing it, the sad reality is that you’ve got more to lose because of mistakes, dishonestly, and fraud. This is certainly of distinct importance with accounting and bookkeeping since they deal with controlling and tracking cash that comes in and goes out of your company. For instance, an unethical and experienced bookkeeper who was entirely responsible for all aspects of the bookkeeping for your small business could very easily rob money from your business and cover it up.

Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF) Adelaide

Self Managed Super Funds are a great way to minimise pre and post retirement taxation. You can control and improve your return on your employee super by converting it into…

Order a depreciation report for your rental property

Did you know that a simple depreciation report can ensure you are claiming everything you can on the building and fittings of your rental property. So order a depreciation report…